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Signers of the "Tryon Resolves" 14 August 1775--a name or two of kin or connected now added

This is what they signed:
The unprecedented, barbarous and bloody actions committed by British troops on our American brethren near Boston, on 19 April and 20th of May last, together with the hostile operations and treacherous designs now carrying on, by the tools of ministerial vengeance, for the subjugation of all British America, suggest to us the painful necessity of having recourse to arms in defense of our National freedom and constitutional rights, against all invasions; and at the same time do solemnly engage to take up arms and risk our lives and our fortunes in maintaining the freedom of our country whenever the wisdom and counsel of the Continental Congress or our Provincial Convention shall declare it necessary; and this engagement we will continue in for the preservation of those rights and liberties which the principals of our Constitution and the laws of God, nature and nations have made it our duty to defend. We therefore, the subscribers, freeholders and inhabitants of Tryon County, do here by faithfully unite ourselves under the most solemn ties of religion, honor and love to our county, firmly to resist force by force, and hold sacred till a reconciliation shall take place between Great Britain and America on Constitutional principals, which we most ardently desire, and do firmly agree to hold all such persons as inimical to the liberties of America who shall refuse to sign this association.  

The names below are of my uncles and cousins, not direct ancestors

The 2 Carpenters (Christian and Samuel) --Americanized names from the German Zimmermann.

Peter Seitz was the son-in-law of Christian Carpenter

Uncle Jonathan Price counts as married to Robert Ewart's daughter Betsy.

Uncle Jacob Costner, obviously, but also both Dellingers, John and George.

And Jacob Forney is not kin but Forney descendants are kin through Robert Ewart's daughter Jane.

Frederick Hambright's family is complexly interrelated to mine, especially later on.

Who else?

Robert Alexander was husband of Mary Jack, so kin to Margaret Ewart  by her marriage to Joseph Jack; and if William Chronicle had not died at King's Mountain he would have married Robert and Mary Alexander's daughter Margaret.

On the other side of the family:
Adam Sims, brother of the Nutbush speech, the pre-Regulator George Sims 

When I started looking at family I had never heard of the Tryon Resolves, and at first I just made the obvious connection to Uncle Jacob Costner. Maybe I will add another name still as I keep looking.
Ornery People? Well, they will be in ORNERY PEOPLE, but these were brave men as well as ornery men.

Best I can tell, the Tryon Courthouse, where the resolves were signed in 1775, is about ten miles north of King's Mountain, where some of these men fought on 7 October 1780.

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