Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sergeant Thomas Goodman's bravery at Centralia, Missouri, in 1864

This is from a blog, NATE'S NONSENSE:

On the morning of September 27, 1864, with about 80 men dressed in Union uniforms Anderson rode into Centralia, Missouri and blocked the rail line. The train was stopped and 23 of the 125 passengers were found to be Union soldiers going home on leave. The soldiers were ordered to strip off their uniforms and Anderson asked if there was an officer among them. Sergeant Thomas Goodman, expecting to be killed for the others, lied and said that he was an officer. Anderson's men then took Goodman prisoner and killed the rest of them and then mutilated their bodies (Anderson's plan was to exchange Goodman for one of his men who was being held prisoner, but Goodman escaped after ten days). Anderson's men then set fire to the train and sent it down the tracks.

Does anyone know what happened to Thomas Goodman? He wrote a pamphlet later. I'll try to find out. This episode is prelude to the great Centralia Massacre.

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