Friday, January 27, 2012

"John Levi Costner" 1800?-1846 or 1848?--Mystery man. Can anyone help?

I have been trying to find John Levi Costner in a census and have failed so far. He was born in North Carolina, married Jane Tindall in South Carolina, and supposedly died in Lumpkin, Georgia, very young. Lumpkin the town as distinguished from Lumpkin the county is in SW Georgia,against Mississippi, and was a good cotton producing area in the 1840s.John Levi Costner may have had something to do with a mill there. Finally I found his son John Andrew Jackson Costner in Mississippi in the 1860 census under the name Cosner, no “t” with Acy as a brother two years older than JAJC. Since the name given for JAJC was “Andrew” maybe they called him Andrew. That's a very old family name and was the name of my uncle Andrew Costner. In the household along with 54 year old Jane [Tindall] was her daughter Mary Linsey and her daughter Josephine. Linsey should be Lindsey. Apparently Mary, only 23, was a widow already, after the death of Dow P. Lindsey. Josephine married Josh Wright. We have Wright cousins in the Banner, MS area still, a cousin reports. One report has Asa Costner, Mary's older brother, marrying Jane Lindsey, a sister of Dow. The 1860 census has Asa as older than JAJC but other reports have JAJC older by two years. Asa is named for his mother's brother Asa Tindall. Apparently his name was pronounced Acy. Apparently, also, he died in the War at Port Gibson. That can be verified. I looked at all the 1830 and 1840 Costners and Kastners and Cosners and was not sure I ever saw John Levi Costner in one of them. Does anyone have a mass of detailed information on John Levi Costner? My Great Great Grandfather. Kevin Costner's Great Great Great Grandfather, to add a lure that may intrigue some potential researchers.

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