Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moses Amariah Costner and Maude Langston Costner and some of their children

I am re-posting this because it is from a much sharper print owned by Bonnie McMullan, whose grandmother was Uncle Mode's sister Ida Costner (as my grandfather was Uncle Mode's brother Edgar Lugene Costner). James Keith Head, himself a Costner and a Bell, just discovered Bonnie's web site. I am delighted at meeting this double second cousin--double since Bonnie's grandmother Emma Bell was my grandmother Costner's sister. We kept things in the family very well in Scotland and in the South. Does anyone have a consanguinity chart so we can see just how close kin are these double second cousins with bonus points for old marriages of first cousins? James, thank you for finding Bonnie!

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  1. Hello I am not sure if this is still active but Moses is my great great grandfather. His daughter Audrey is my great grandmother. Hi and thank you for posting this. Would love to learn more thank you.