Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lottie Cain, co-author of the yet unpublished 1948 YONDER THE WHIRLWIND

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  1. YONDER THE WHIRLWIND is the 1948 collaborative tribute to Zane Grey offered up to an editor at the end of "The Talented Ripley Hitchcock," AMERICAN LITERARY REALISM (Winter 2011). All we need is an editor as good as Ripley Hitchcock.

  2. Lottie and I are Tindalls. In Mississippi her Grandfather Edgar Shippey and my Grandfather Edgar Lugene Costner, second cousins, used to greet each other by calling, "Hello, Cousin Edgar." That wittiness was inherited by both the authors of the unaccountably yet-unpublished YONDER THE WHIRLWIND.