Monday, July 2, 2018

Scofflaw in No Dogs part of Beach--Endangered People By Hurling Ball at them with Lacrosse Stick

If an old person is knocked down by a friendly dog, the old person who bounces up is unusual.
Hurling a ball at anyone old or young, in order to have the dogs charge at that person, delights some scofflaws, like this particular one, who was training her young charge in how to be the worst possible citizen.

We have dogs-on-leash beach at the Rock; dogs running free, 4 miles from Cayucos Pier to edge of Morro Bay; and the No-Dogs state park portion of Morro Bay beach.

People like this particular scofflaw don't even carry leashes and delight in hurling the ball toward the oldest and frailest walkers they can see.

I know who they voted for, and that makes it more painful still.

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