Sunday, July 29, 2018

Have you ever had to deal with bureaucrats? Pity Henry Pettit.

Have you ever dealt with bureaucrats?

Henry Pettit in Spartanburg, SC—old and broken at 69 and frustrated by the interrogation he was subjected to as he applied for a pension under the 1832 law.

In fact, for me to undertake to give in detail my service during the Revolutionary War is not in my power but one thing I do well know that from sometime of the Summer 1776—to the end of the War I was engaged in the defense of my Country. I then lived in the hottest part of the Tory Country on the Indian Boundary and a great place for the British to assemble. We that belonged to the Liberty party were compelled to be in readiness at all times. We were hunted after as for the Doe in the Woods. I am Wounded. I am Old. I am Infirm and in want of something to sustain me for the services I rendered my Country in the Revolutionary War. As for any discharge, if I ever had any I have no Recollection what I have done with them.

This is a bit of Pettit’s application transcribed by the heroic William Graves.

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