Wednesday, May 2, 2018

First haircut from a barber in 25 years

I am so allergic to chemicals (not just tobacco smoke and perfumes) that if I put my head into a barber shop (as I last did, testing, several years ago) I get a day long or two day headache. My amateur barber has more than usual to do. There are no local come-to-your-house barbers on Craigslist or other sources. I called local shops and got a barber to come out to the back patio on this sunny day.
Behind me is the ORNERY PEOPLE bookshelf. Latest purchase: J. Frank Dobie's OUT OF THE OLD ROCK, where the first chapter is about Cousin George McGehee, who was a baby during the Runaway Scrape of 1836, hauled in the little cart pulled by two little oxen.

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