Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dream this morning--Cat Scan, Ahmed I, and Ava Gardner

Yesterday, hours spent on a single note on "Achmed" in CLAREL for the Library of America HERMAN MELVILLE: THE COMPLETE POETRY. It looks as if Achmed was Ahmed and that Melville was responding to all the newspaper reports of the Ottoman custom of killing all brothers and half-brothers to secure the succession. During that time yesterday when I typed in Ahmed's grandfather's name I got a "you are connected" notice which I thought at first was an error then was amused by it. Then for a Cat Scan yesterday I had to huddle in a closet and put on clean one-size-fits-Wimpy pair of pants. So at 6 this morning I was dreaming of changing pants behind a door when a military man pushed it open. He was not Navy Seal strong, not an Eric Greitens, just a moderately sized man in khaki, so I pushed the door shut, locking him out, got my pants on and went around an enormous bed which was there and was surprised to see my distant cousin (as she was) Ava Gardner, her head at the top, and gorgeous, long before my brutal Schlemp cousin slugged her, absolutely gorgeous in black and white, and she lifted her head to kiss me. There were hoots from the others in the room, on the bed, but we kissed again, very tenderly. She never looked better, anywhere. Then I woke up and now I check and see that Ahmed I is my 8th cousin 9 times removed's wife's mother's husband--so we are connected not kin. But I am kin to Ava Gardner through the Hills and Clarkes, so now back to notes for CLAREL.

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