Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Beto O'Rourke evokes memories of Ralph Yarborough

So Beto (a young man, pictures show) O'Rourke is raising money grassroots to fight Ted Cruz.
That brings back memories of Ralph Yarborough, the Texas Senator who voted for Civil Rights and Voting Rights and protected Texas's Big Thicket, making it a National Preserve.
I'm so old I was a telegrapher on a railroad when I voted for Smiling Ralph as Senator.
I keep thinking of these "I'm no old" openings.
I'm so old that when Dan Rather read my name it was on the radio.
I'm so old that I remember when Southern Baptists were for separation of Church and State.
I'm so old that I remember when Evangelicals were Christians.
I'm so old that I remember when there were such things as telegraphers on the railroads . . . .
The only time I sent money out of state of a politician other than a Presidential candidate was to Jim Webb, and my $100 came in just at the time to push him on to victory.
If I can find another hundred dollars I think I might just send it to Beto.

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