Friday, July 21, 2017

Still not watching News but Saw OJ is to be Paroled

I remember that he drove home that day on 26th Street after seeing Nicole and Ron for the last time, 26th street being behind the house I was in during the 70s--familiar terrain. I even knew Rockingham. Now, I am horrified of betting. Betting is what caused that house to be sold a couple of years ago as a $5,100,000 teardown--the owner since the mid 80s having done complicated betting at Santa Anita to the tune of a $100,000,000 loss, said the Hollywood papers.
So OJ has been in Lovelock. On 3 June 1998 Lovelock was a great place to replace a dragging muffler and get us back on the road to Auburn, California. Lovelock was a great place. And when you are in the lead with the Bronco the other driving behind can see something dragging . . . .
So now I am open for bets. How long? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? before OJ is in the news again, having (his lawyers will argue) NOT NOT NOT violated his parole by this or that or the more serious other activity?

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