Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Appliance man gets what he deserves from Pouya

We tried going local (Morro Bay) and bought two appliances right here and both were faulty so we went with Fordens, the big San Luis store, from then on. This morning I had a lot of errands to do and many bags to carry in. The appliance truck was parked in my space in front of the house, so I had to carry bags (including perishables) a long distance. I was not pleased, since he could easily have parked elsewhere. However, there is a pleasant ending. Someone I know had the foresight to plant pouya at the curb where dogs were defecating, the theory being that even the dumbest dog-owner would learn to direct her or his dogs to the bright green water-loving square nearby. Well, while I was filling the birdbath I saw the appliance man come out and stomp right on the pouya which I am ecstatic to say fought back. He broke a few fronds, but the next time he came out he went around to the driver's side.

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