Friday, July 8, 2016

TIMES HEADLINE: Trump Campaign Official Blames Hillary Clinton for Dallas Shooting. Oh!

I thought it was Gingrich's wife or any politician's wife or ex-wife! Now I think it was a sadistic school bus driver out of Wister, Oklahoma, Mr. Peirce, who loved to lay on the horn of the bus and make our chickens batter themselves against the wall of the barn. I think we should all think of wives and ex-wives and teachers and preachers and door-to-door saleswomen.
Maybe Fredson Bowers was to blame. He got away with so much in his time. Or Professor Richard Brodhead, who lied about me in the New York Times in 2002, saying I made up Melville's 1960 POEMS. Or Andrew Delbanco, who repeated Brodhead's lies.
Or is there something just a little crazy about blaming Hillary Clinton?
What has McCain said yet? That Obama is "directly responsible" for this Dallas Shooting too, and not Hillary? Is he slowing down after a few weeks after Orlando?
I think we should all pick some people who have done bad things to us and blame them. Or if we are in a really nasty mood we should pick people who have never done anything bad to us, just so we can be clear that we are crazy.

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