Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Paul Manafort castigates 10 year old Barron Trump for Plagiarism in his Mother's Speech

So the family was willing to take part in the campaign.  Still, it must have been Paul Manafort himself or his most trusted underlings who assigned ten year old Barron to write the speech for his mother. Like any ten year old, he went to Google and Googled-
First Lady Speeches
Best First Lady Speeches
Candidates' wives' speeches
and so on.
So the best parts were stolen from Michelle Obama, of all people. Mrs. Obama, of course, has her drafts on a floppy disc as well as transferred to flash drives for posterity, since flash drives are forever. Morning Joe tried to cast the blame on Michelle by putting Mrs. Trump on the left and having her speak first then having Mrs Obama say the same words after her, on the right of the screen. Someone at MSNBC was making it look as if Malania was saying the words first and Michelle was echoing her. That is by the way.
The main thing is that Manafort is wrong to blame it all on a ten year old boy. A man who puts a ten year old boy in charge of the biggest speech of his mother's life and then tells reporters that Mrs Trump was responsible for all the words--well, all I can say is that he should have let the son in law write the speech.
Shame on you, Manafort!

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