Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shocked by Governor Bentley, Mortified by Republican Governor's Sex Talk--Holding Ears Shut

Maybe he is telling the truth about not having actual, well, actual, well--maybe it's a good thing he would have (as law-abiding Governor) had to get a prescription for those little blue pills. Maybe he was saved from the actual DEED by wanting to get the pills legally or not at all. Anything to justify his saying he did not have a physical relationship with the woman whose breasts he was groping.

Why do they pick on good Christian Southerners all the time? And that good man Sanford in SC who is now just in the House of Representatives and that good man in Louisiana, David Vitter, whose wife forgave him so sincerely. Why don't they pick on a Republican Governor who saves state money by poisoning children's drinking water?

And you just know that Becky tempted him real bad and long. And he did grope, and talk sex talk. He did.

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