Saturday, May 23, 2015

Grandson of the Tory Dr. John Pyle Sr. Redeems himself


Several families of Tories also came to the county, but did not meet with much sympathy or countenance from the citizens at large. Among the number
was Nicholas Pyle, who was the son of Col. Pyle of the British Army. He was much depressed by the unfriendliness of his neighbors and lived a life of
comparative retirement. On the breaking out of the war of 1812 he was of
the first to volunteer in the defense of that country against which he had
before fought.
He was with Jackson at the battle of New Orleans, and deported himself so
gallantly as to compel the admiration of all who knew him. Afterward his
old neighbors took him into their favor, and were wont to say: "Nick Pyle is
a gallant fellow, and has redeemed himself". 

Nicholas was probably not the son of my Uncle John, both Dr. & Col. like his father Dr. John Pyle Sr, of Pyle's Hacking Party.  He would be my cousin if he were John's son. More likely, he is the son of Nicholas, one of Dr. Pyle Sr's other sons.

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