Sunday, December 22, 2013

10 Years Ago--San Simeon Earthquake

Monday December 22, 2003
Dr S. rescheduled. Tough day. Cat out 545—slept again till after 7. On watch for garbage men to give them their Xmas tips—[they were] late. Made fabulous Fourth Bread—Shock 1035-- landing doors popped for a second or 2. Ran in 36 or so very slowly at 1115, on dunes, 6.5 Earthquake—knew I was not drunk and had not been nauseated [on dunes] before—so knew [what it was]. Garbage trucks farther up Juniper—had to wait to give them tips. Then began to assess damage—books & pictures on floors—pot off pedestal on top floor—[potting] mess by elevator. Things fallen in cabinets but none of the porcelain or even Nellie’s crystal was hurt. Sue D[       ] said she lost her glassware. E/o had some damage. Bread out 1150 or 1155. The perforated pan loaves I gave to Joyce & to Dave & Sylvia as Miracle Loaves—cooked during Earthquake. [Kept rescheduled appointment.] Waited at Dr S’s office 30 minutes in cold after waiting 10 mins on street with wet feet—Chilled—left note. Ate part of loaf then—but shaky & nauseated rest of day. No computer. Calls to check coming in: SOS, Darrell Parker, Patsy McCarthy, Paul Seydor. Called bk & talked to Danielle. Water in Sentry Box [bathroom]—splattered from tank? So lucky. Many aftershocks. Heddy home [from LA] at 330 not knowing anything about Earthquake. . . . .

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  1. Later I noticed that the camel-legged Italian cabinet had walked 2 feet away from the wall.