Monday, November 11, 2013

Since 2007 I have had the Cadillac of Keyboards, the Avant Stellar--Losing it? A Calamity

Luckily, the cord was just loose--the connector with a round attachment at one end and the flash-drive looking rectangular attachment at the other end.

But oh, what a calamity if it died. Avant Stellar is out of business. eBay has no used Avant Stellar keyboards for sale.

The keyboards for sale now are jittery little toys.

What do you do if you need a 20 1/2 inch wide keyboard with function keys on the left and function keys also on the top? What do you do if you need solidity and stability?

I had one of the first Welbilt bread makers and after a few weeks saw that what it was was an excellent dough mixer. When it died I found that all the newer bread mixers were tinny little jobs that rattled on the counter so I bought a Kitchen Aid mixer and have used it for mixing dough for 20-odd years. The Avant Stellar has that kind of heft. It has Presence. It has Power.

I did not know what a treasure I had.

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