Friday, November 29, 2013

Greylock from "Greylock View" 1905, with second note on location.

A gift from Leonard Hall today.

I believe the view is toward Mt. Greylock looking north north west from atop the ridge which extends from Dalton to Cheshire.  I’d say the vantage point would be somewhere east of Rt. 8 above the present day Petricca concrete structures plant.  That long body of water is Cheshire Lake (a.k.a. Cheshire Reservoir).  That view is not available today since what was pasture in 1905 is now pretty dense woods. 
So says my resource friend Ruth's resource friend Bob D. People who know their stuff are treasures. 

Bob kept gnawing at this:

By the way, I used Google Maps to more accurately determine the sight line to Greylock in that photograph.  My earlier assessment was accurate; but I can now say with some certainty that the site was from a point on the hill rather nearby here.  That hill site is known locally as “The Boulders” for some neat glacier-carved rock outcroppings on top.  It is still owned by Crane & Co; I expect that inviting meadow was a popular picnic spot in 1905.  It is wooded now, but it might be possible to see some of that view in winter, after the leaves have fallen off the hardwoods there.

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