Monday, July 15, 2013


A massive financial and perhaps literary phenomenon swept by without engaging me. I have never read a word of a Harry Potter book or seen more than a flashing moment of a Harry Potter movie as I changed channels, although I have been subjected to the sight of a Harry Potter pillow.

Last month the Cayucos library had THE CUCKOO'S CALLING. I loved it and looked up Robert Galbraith on the Internet, hoping for more than the extremely cagy account on the inside back flap of the dustjacket. Nothing more. Unusually, I recommend the book to my wife, who was equally taken with it.
I of course recognized the final weapon well in advance and she of course saw what she claimed was a flaw with the plot, but we agreed that this was a man to watch. Better than David Mark, I thought, whose second book has just showed up.

Galbraith's second novel, I decided, would be the test. Even the reliably enthralling Sandford could become formulaic, especially with collegial badinage.

Well, the second novel won't have a fair test now but I am betting I'll love it.

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