Friday, December 21, 2012

Consanguinity Chart Needed--is there such a thing?

On Facebook someone posted a picture of Jimmy Mize, grandson of James Robert Bell and Alice Costner Bell. I saw right away that he was my second cousin on the Costner side, since our parents were first cousins. I had to have more coffee before I did the Bell side.  After more coffee, I see that Mize and I are 3rd cousins on the Bell side. If James Robert Bell and Alice Bell Costner [don't get confused] were first cousins (children of brothers) then Martha Costner Parker and Laveda Bell Mize were 2nd cousins and Jimmy Mize and I are 3rd cousins. So 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins, not to mention all the old intermarrying of cousins back in the Revolutionary Adams-Ewart-Knox-Bell days. No one anywhere has given me a consanguinity chart so as to add different relations and average them out to what they actually equate to--here, somewhere more than second cousin but a good deal less than first cousin. There must be such a consanguinity chart somewhere!!

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