Friday, May 18, 2012

Back Row of Books on Biography used in MBAIN

I also copied dozens of articles from BIOGRAPHY and other journals and dozens of reviews of books on biography. The Endnotes to MELVILLE BIOGRAPHY: AN INSIDE NARRATIVE constitute a large 4th part of the book in which a vigorous symposium on biography is conducted, mainly with British biographers because the British biographers have written more about their work and collected their essays more than American biographers. I don't think any other book on biography contains such a symposium, for even the best of the collections on biography do not show biographers engaged in discussion and sometimes in argument with others and do not show how the multitude of particular problems discussed by other biographers related to problems in the biography of one writer, in this case Melville. I think anyone interested in biography and autobiography (for some of MB:AIN is straight autobiography of a biographer) will want to read the three parts of the text as well as the Endnotes.

These pictures are from the stowing away and cleaning up phase, putting the books on biography away in one place where they can ripen while I go on to the next project.

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