Friday, March 9, 2018

Hurray hurray huzza how I deleted 3000 pictures from my iphone

You have suffered, I know, from not having daily pictures of Morro Rock. I received 83 emails asking if it was still there. I tried 20 different directions on Google to delete my photographs so I could take more. Finally I got to this one:

You click on the first two, open the DCIM, open the 100Apple--well, I did not have that but opened 101Apple and tried deleting one at a time then hit control A and deleted several hundred then went through 102 103Apple and got rid of them all, I think. And if this goes up you lucky people can see Morro Rock again, unless tomorrow is like today, when the fog was too thick to see it even from Highway 41's end.
Now, I learned about people on Google. The first joker gave good instructions right down to delete everything on your iPhone including passwords.

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