Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The End--No More Coffee from Costco

Our Costco is important to me because it provides me all I get of social contact besides greetings on the beach. Every trip I get to ask six or eight people directions because every trip Costco has played the Cache Game, hiding the pecans under the Kirkland jeans and stashing the mixed nuts under the sugarless cough drops. Then we agreed that I would give up socializing, grab 2 or 3 plastic bags from the meat counter, take Starbucks coffee up and check out all by myself, saving the receipt for exiting, and grind the coffee beans in one of the two machines, one of which says FLAVORED and the other of which is disgustingly FLAVORED because of contamination by other buyers. The coffee containers are then bagged and the top safely taped shut. REGULAR GRINDER is out of order half the time. We put suggestions in the BOX: Please increase number of Grinding Machines and please stop stocking HONEYSUCKLE HAZELNUT COFFEE. Nothing worked. I was stuck there grinding from polluted bins and making what friends I could while the other got to exercise by running down cottage cheese hidden under white socks and then left and unloaded solo with the help of strangers and if she remembered waited for me. It was stressful. So, we made a big decision. We are buying coffee at the Cookie Crock in Morro Bay, SLO Roast. Better, anyhow. More expensive, but not stressful. Costco here is 12 acres, interior. 2 Grinders. Both flavored, one OUT OF ORDER. Enough. My social life will improve.

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