Friday, January 1, 2016

Something to be Grateful for in 2016, a webzine: THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION


Journal of the American RevolutionJournal of the American Revolution was a napkin sketch in August 2012. Following a few months of brainstorming and website development, we began publishing in January 2013. Since then, this journal has become the go-to source for passionate, creative, smart (and free) content about the American Revolution and Founding. Appealing to both scholars and non-academics, we feature meticulous, groundbreaking research and well-written narrative from scores of expert writers. Our works have been featured by Slate, TIME, MSNBC, Smithsonian, National Review, AHA Today, Washington Post, Mount Vernon, and more. Journal of the American Revolution also produces an annual hardcover volume that gives prominence and permanence to our authors' most resourceful articles.

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