Friday, July 17, 2015

Who suffers from Obama administration's Title IX rules on rape?

In 1995 I resigned from an NEH panel because I would not sign a form claiming that I was of only one race. You had to choose, white, black, and so on--a wider range of choices than you might think, as I recollect. You could not say mainly white and part Indian. I was not about to deny the part Indian, even though I did not then know that my folks had been the Glenn-Tuckers of the great Indian Territory lawsuit. I wrote to NEH in 1995 that their requirement was not just racial, it was racist. It asked us to deny any admixture of races. As someone knowingly of two races, I could not be a member of their Panel.

We all know what happened within ten years--one music superstar after another, one sports figure after another delighted in claiming mixed race, even mixture of more than two races! Bi-racial became chic. Goodness, look what happened in 2008! Obama said "mutt," self-deprecatingly, and a whole lot of people happily or not said "black President," but look at his mother and her parents. This was bi-racial, even if none of his black ancestors had been slaves in the United States. Did NEH change its rules?

It is not easy to get 2014-2015 statistics when you want to find out who suffers most from the Obama administration's college rape laws under Title IX.

Now, a lot of laws, we all know, target young black men unfairly.

It LOOKS to me (I may be corrected) that the current rules unfairly target young white men. It looks like Political Correctness gone poisonous under an extreme form of militant feminism.

If young black men make up around 4-6% of college students and young white men make up around 37-38% of college students (correct me if you have better statistics), who is being targeted by the Title IX rules? Just young men in general? Just the average young male college student?

Maybe the ruling in San Diego yesterday will have some impact. Did you see how often the judge said "unfair"? But if you were the parent of a white male high school student would you rather give him a motorcycle but not a helmet or send him off to college?

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