Thursday, October 16, 2014

John Grisham Stumbles into the GOTCHA! World

Pity John Grisham, who spoke openly and honestly about how some man he knew clicked from site to site until he found one on 16 year old hookers and CLICKED on it, only to have the fatal knock on the door before very long.

There is a vast array of lurkers out there who do not embody noble virtues in their daily lives but who storm out to denounce anyone who puts a toe out of their self-defined PC fences. Anyone who would flame (and defame) John Grisham for these comments is despicable, but apt to be very powerful in this new world.

A challenge for the self-righteous fanatic: BRING DOWN JOHN GRISHAM.

What a sick bunch of PC lurkers. What a sad world when the fanatics can misinterpret a fine man's meditations on a friend's experience.

Now, I thought that SYCAMORE book could have been cut down by half . . . .

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