Monday, September 15, 2014

Ed Shneidman, where are you when I need you?

When you are very old you start to consult people who are not available anymore. Just now I wanted to call Ed and talk about narcissism. I see the murderous Tory David Fanning as a narcissist, most obviously in his design for a costume to go a-murdering in, him and his 25 men--and I mean costume, not uniform. Classic narcissist, I would think, but I wanted to run the tetter-head evidence by Ed. What if, as a boy, your scalp tormented you and made you smell so bad no one could be in a room with you? What if, after being "cured," you had to wear a piece of silk under your hat, all your life? Ed would have had something to say. I miss him. And now someone he knew here in Morro Bay and introduced me to has recently died. So many people are not here when you need them.

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