Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Toric Lenses--FDA Approved sinced 1998. No One Told Me!

I have 2 pair of graduated indoor-outdoor glasses mainly for driving but for alternating when one hits the wrong head spots too long; 2 pair of computer glasses, again so I can rest certain pressure points on the nose and ears; one pair of reading glasses in the study and another in the living room; an old pair of reading glasses in the landing chair for when I need to lccate the cat up there; a TV watching pair with a very small reading section for deciphering lines on Netflix sleeves; and an old pair by the bathroom scales. Now they are all more or less useless, starting with the expensive indoor-outdoor pairs. The bad left eye 10 days after the installation of a toric lens is better than the good eye (on which surgery is set for next Monday). The good eye sees everything through a blurry cast of greenish yellow and still dominates the left eye when both eyes are open. I knew all last fall that I was sinking into a depression (over the shoulder pain, I thought) but I had no idea that I was seeing the world as if it were the inside of an institutional green hospital mop closet lighted with a fly-spotted 25 watt bulb. Next Tuesday everything will be up for grabs again (I may get to try a 1970s pair of glasses), but for now I have found a pair of 1980s glasses that work for the computer. Next Tuesday I should see the waves of the ocean in white instead of grayish green. The astigmatism of the left eye is gone for good, apparently, and the worse astigmatism in what I always thought of as the good eye should be gone next Monday morning and ready to start adjusting to helping the left eye. What a miracle the toric lens is! I had no idea that the removal of cataracts could lead to much better vision. The in-house pessimist says I am very lucky--I got TB after they had streptomycin . . . . Before just a few years ago, cataract surgery would not have had the fix-astigmatism option.

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