Wednesday, February 15, 2012

John Andrew Jackson Costner, Gene Costner, Gene's son Andrew, and some of his grandsons, nephews, and grandnephews (children of different sisters of Gene Gostner)

At last, a clear photograph of John Andrew Jackson Costner!

Edgar Lugene (Gene) Costner

Gene Costner in old age, in Heavener, Oklahoma.

Andrew Costner, Uncle Andrew to the cousins who follow this picture

J. T. Costner, son of Ona and John Costner (who were first cousins)

R. G. (Pete) Costner, son of Ona and John Costner

Eskel, Elvin, and Ishmael Covington, sons of Cora Lee Costner.

Clay Costner, son of Elbert Costner.

Clay Costner.

Everett Parker, son of Martha Izora Costner

J. L. Balentine, son of Mary Thelma Costner.

J. L. Balentine again.

Hershel Parker, son of Martha Izora Costner.

Hershel Parker again.

Corbette (Joe) Edwards, son of Ida Costner, and therefore first cousin once removed to Gene's grandsons. Joe was a major league ball player.

Another of Joe.

This is Arthur Mathis, whose mother was Ada Costner.

Courtesy of Christi Senter, a picture of John Mathis as a young man.

John Mathis, whose grandmother was Ada Costner.

Four grandsons of Alice Costner Bell, Gene's sister (not to be confused with Alice Bell Costner, Gene's wife).
First, Durrell and Dewey Head, brothers.

Next, Roy Head, brother to Durrell and Dewey.

Next, Roy's twin Raymond Head.

Bill Shields and Hershel Parker

Bill Shields is a descendant of James Alexander Bell; I am a descendant of Isaac Franklin Bell, a younger brother of the Confederate soldier.

We need another Covington and a Skinner photograph to fill in--and any pictures of Gene's nephews and grandnephews who are not here.

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