Sunday, December 4, 2011

Costner Cousins--first cousins J. T. Costner, Clay Costner, Everett Parker, Hershel Parker, J. L. Balentine--Full Face; with a picture of John Mathis and his father Arthur Mathis added and two of Corbette (Joe) Edwards, Ida Costner's son

This is J. T. Costner, Ona and John's son.

This is Elbert's son Clay.

Clay, later on.

Everett Parker, son of Martha Costner


Hershel Parker--a lot older, but full face; don't have a high school graduation photo because I left to start working after the 11th grade. But see the photograph of our uncle, below, for resemblances.

This is R. G. (Pete) Costner, first cousin to J. L., Clay, and Hershel--but he is also our second cousin. J. T. Costner is Pete's brother but also--you figure it out. Ona and John were first cousins.

On New Year's Day 2012:
Thanks to his daughter Christi, here is John Mathis, a grandson of Ada Costner Mathis, sister of Gene Costner. John is second cousin to Clay Costner, J. L. Balentine, and Hershel Parker. Christi noticed the resemblance to Clay. I think the look of the Costner brothers and sisters (whether it was the Costner look or the Stewart look) carries very far down the generations.

J. L. Balentine

J.L. and Hershel:

Madine Simmons sent me a full-face picture of her brother, J. L. Balentine to replace the profile shot I posted at first.

Here is our uncle, Andrew Costner:

Arthur Mathis, son of Ada Costjer, was first cousin to Andrew Costner, first cousin once removed from Hershel Parker, J. L. Balentine, and Clay Costner. Arthur Mathis was the father of John Mathis. This picture courtesy of his granddaughter Christi.

Young Corbette (Joe) Edwards, first cousin once removed to J. L., J. T., Clay, Hershel, Everett, and R.G.

Young Corbette (Joe) Edwards again.

Corbette in later life. All baseball player Joe Edwards' photos courtesy of Bonnie McMullan.

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