Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not Billy Budd but engraved by Daniel Orme


  1. Description:
    'John Crawford of Sunderland Durham. The Sailor who Nailed the Flag to the Main Top Gallant mast head, on board the Venerable, Lord Duncan's Ship, after being once Shot away by the Dutch Admil de Winter. Drawn by Mr Orme on board for the Express purpose of Introducing into his Picture of Ld Duncan's Victory now Engraving by Subscription & which includes Portraits of the Admirals & Officers who so Gloriously Distinguished themselves on the ever Memorable 11th of October 1797.'

    Artist / Maker:
    Daniel Orme (artist, engraver & publisher)
    Edward Orme (publisher)



  2. An illustration of a key 1797 event by Danial Orme:

    Admiral Nelson Receiving the Spanish Admiral´s Sword on Board the San Josef, Feb. 14. 1797

    Also an illustration by William Orme (Daniel's brother) celebrating a Naval victory despite the uprisings at the Nore:
    Lord Viscount Duncan´s Victory, Admiral De Winter Resigning His Sword on Board the Venerable, Oct. 11

    Admiral deWinter later sat for a portrait in London (a miniature, Danial Orme's special talent) which he presented to Lord Duncan.


    I am trying to copy Stephen's link so you can click on it here. Will this work?

  4. No--just copy Stephen's link and paste it on Google.

  5. The National Maritime Museum has an original of each work (both by Daniel Orme), & copies can be found online at and

    I made an effort awhile back to determine whether any Orme works were on display in Greenwich when HM visited, but didn't reach a conclusion.

    Oddly enough, I concluded HM had no interest in Daniel Orme as artist/engraver. But now 'I begin to suspect'... Until you posted this print, I didn't think to connect Admiral Duncan to HM & Billy Budd; thanks for the insight.