Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The evolving table of contents for MELVILLE BIOGRAPHY: AN INSIDE NARRATIVE

29 June 2011


00 Foreword
01 The Footsteps Theory of Biography
02 The Biographical Basis of Textual Editing
03 Entangled by Pierre: The Inexorable Summons to the Archives
04 Creating The New Melville Log
05 Desiderata and Puzzlements
06 Melville’s Courtship of Elizabeth Shaw
07 The “Modern Boccaccio,” Our First Literary Sex Symbol:
The Fascinations of Fayaway
08 Facts Which Do Not Speak for Themselves
09 Presentism in Biography
10 Little Jack Horners and Archivophobics
11 Biographical Scholars and Recidivist Critics
12 The Malign Legacy of the New Criticism
13 Melville's Short Run of Good Luck
14 Melville and Hawthorne at the Hotel in Lenox
15 A Sacrifice for the Public Good
16 Late 20th-Century Intellectuals without Information
17 Early 21st-Century Intellectuals without Information
18 Why Melville Took Hawthorne to the Holy Land
19 Melville as a Titan of Literature: High-Minded English Admirers
and the Kory-Kory Component
20 Damned by Dollars: Moby-Dick and the Price of Genius

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