Thursday, November 30, 2017

New Moat to Defend "The Cloisters" from Riff-Raff

This used to be the access point to the boardwalk and The Cloisters, the super-expensive development built almost
20 years on swampland. Now this moat will discourage any respectful plebeian from attempting to breach the security of The Cloisters.

Private Beach

Cousin Jim Nabors

I learned just now that he played a character called Gomer Pyle. That name I had heard but had not seen the show. Now, it's funny that we are kin to some of the Pyles, the descendants of young Dr John of the 1781 disaster.
As Lois says, in the South if you are not kin you are connected.

A paternal-side cousin's book-length story of his escape from a Confederate prison then surviving to die in Arizona in the new century

It's taken me hours to assemble it from newspapers, but now I have it all. A literate cousin! A cousin with a prose style! It's in the same genre as my wife's Cousin Ervin Varga's
Living and Dying in Hungary: Jewish Psychiatrist Looks Back. Two out of thousands survived in Ervin's case. Three out of sixty made it to Union lines in my cousin's escape, Cousin John and 2 others. In a related genre, the captivity narrative, we have the Bell cousin's book on the Mier captivity.
In the great centenary year 1876 Cousin John was making $40 a month as a schoolteacher in a 9-month school, limping from a wound incurred after he went back to battle, but a very thoughtful men. Back to reading.

I never watched Cousin Jim Nabors in anything and never thought to check his ancestry till today

But of course he is a cousin. I was not shunning him all these years but just not watching commercial TV. So nice that Cousin Fred and Mavis's boy did so well and lived so long.

New Revelations about Walter Cronkite

I don't want to hear it. If I see it unwittingly, I don't believe it. Chet didn't do it either. David certainly didn't. I don't want to hear these things. Go away.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

High surges this week

On the horizon, a tall ship, the Lady Washington

to die of "exhaustion following chronic mania"

One of the very very distant Prince George's County Maryland cousins died in the early 1900s in an asylum, the cause given as "exhaustion following chronic mania." Mania you don't want to think about, but the first three words could be followed in understandable ways, "Exhaustion following chronic {xxxxx}." Fill in the blank.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The translation of Bernard Minier's DON'T TURN OUT THE LIGHTS

Well, this is the second sentence: "It was so cold his teeth were chattering." The fourth sentence begins: "The dog barked at regular intervals." Then we learn: "The night was beginning to fall." What was the French like?

Turn out the lights. Don't turn to page two.

F. M. Pottenger III--born in 1928--And a life well lived

Good to know the Pottenger cousins have been so active. I had TB in the mid 1950s, too late to benefit from the researches of his father and grandfather. Maybe he will outlive the 1718-1820 Samuel Pottenger.

Doctor of Philosophy, Claremont Graduate School, 1969.

Science teacher Goshen (Ohio) School District, 1955-1956, Bethel (Ohio)-Tate School District, 1956-1957, Whittier (California) Union High School District, 1957-1965. Chemistry instructor Citrus Community College, Glendora, California, 1963-1965. Instructor Claremont (California) Graduate School, 1965-1966.

Assistant professor education University Hawaii, Honolulu, 1966-1970, associate professor education, 1970-1974, professor education, since 1974, director project curriculum research & development group, since 1983, chairman science section Curriculum Research and Development Group (CRDG), 1966-1983, since 1990, director Foundational Approaches in Science Teaching (FAST) CRDG, 1967-1983, co-director Foundational Approaches in Science Teaching (FAST) CRDG, since 1983, director Summer Science Enrichment (SSE) Project CRDG, 1970-1986, project manager individualized mathematics title IV project CRDG, 1972-1973, director high school marine science study (HMSS) project CRDG, 1974-1987, co-director marine social studies (Master in Social Service) project CRDG, 1975-1976, director coastal zone management (CZM) project CRDG, since 1976, director Hawaii nutrition education project CRDG, since 1979. Director fishing in the Pacific project Pacific Circle Consortium (PCC). Director elementary exploratory computer literacy project CRDG University Hawaii, Honolulu, 1982-1983, co-director Supervisory Control Of Program Execution mathematics-science project CRDG, 1982-1983, co-director secondary exploratory computer literacy project CRDG, 1983-1984, director YAP-Kosrae health project CRDG, since 1983, director HEAT project CRDG, since 1984, director politics and economics of the coastal zone project, director developmental approaches in science and health (DASH) project CRDG, since 1986, director coastal zone atlas project, Hawaii Forestry project PCC, since 1986, co-director Hawaii marine science project CRDG, 1987-1993, director Hawaii marine science project CRDG, since 1994, director The Hokule'a science project CRDG, since 1987, director high school education nutrition project CRDG, since 1989, director DASH dissemination project PCC, since 1990.

Member United States Japan Cooperative Study of Science Teaching Practices, National Science Foundation.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday Morning in Morro Bay

Rosalynn Carter and Barack Obama and (Preserve us!) Hershel Parker

By William Anderson LaBach

• Obama and I are descendants of Mareen Duval (?-1694) of Maryland and his wife. This ancestry has received publicity already. See,BSX-News-wotreej09.article . There is also a Mareen Duval Society. See . Among descendants of Mareen Duval are Justice Gabriel Duval (1752-1844) of the United States Supreme Court, Harry S. Truman, Wallis Warfield Simpson (the Duchess of Windsor), and actor Robert Duval. My descent from Mareen is as follows: Mareen Duval and wife Susannah, Susannah Duval (ca 1671-ca 1738) who married Robert Tyler (ca 1676- after 1710), Elizabeth Tyler (1701-after1744) who married Samuel Pottenger (1693-after 1742), Susannah Pottenger (1719-1779) who married Richard Simmons (1706-1784), Samuel Simmons (ca 1742-1781) who married Verlinda Willett (1746-ca 1820 Bullitt Co., KY), Susanna Simmons (1763-ca1803) who married Josiah Phelps (1755-1835 Madison Co., KY), Susanna Phelps (1785-1843) who married William Chenault (1773-1834), Waller Chenault (1803-1861) who married Tillitha Harris (1818-1893), Christopher David Chenault (1846-1925) who married Sarah Gibson Humphreys (1858-1930), Lucy Alexander Humphreys Chenault (1897-1975) who married Matthew William Anderson (1895-1967), Mary Webster Anderson (1920-1998) who married James Parker LaBach (1918-2004), William Anderson LaBach (1938- ) who married Karen Eugenia Mitchell (1950- ). Obama's descent is given in the genealogy of Rietwiesner at .

This will take some absorbing, but this Samuel Pottenger may be the father of the Samuel Pottenger who killed his young slave Nate for impudence. One blow with his cane did Nate in. The 1693-after 1742 Samuel Pottenger is the brother of my grandmother Sarah Pottenger Isaac. The great consolation for being a Warfield is that we can pass over Wallis and focus on Paul Tibbits.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

An amputee, presumably from military service, now surfing off Morro Bay

He sticks the leg in the ground upside down and goes surfing.

I posted a link asking where the rest of her was--when I found a foot on a stick

Well, where the rest of HIM was was out surfing. It was not some toy but a prosthetic.

Strange Message from a University Press--Shows the Terrible State of Affairs

I am writing with regard to your proposal, The Writings of Herman Melville. Unfortunately, a work of this nature falls outside the interest of our list. When it comes to fiction, our focus tends to be more regional and the number of titles we publish very limited.

What in the world is this message about?

Monday, November 20, 2017

Being tolerant of people who are not McGregors

Years ago now I saw that my McGehee folks had a great story about our ancestor arriving in VA in the 1600s with a made up name Macayhaee or something like that, meaning child of the mist--made up because he was from the great Gregor clan and the name McGregor had been outlawed. Yeah, sure. Then came DNA, and the McGregors include Greer and other names that people took because they could not call themselves McGregors. Right there they include Grandpa. So the McGehees are high and mighty MaGregors. This week I found the Pottenger-Bowie-Magruder connection and saw that James Bowie is a cousin. Talk about cache in Texas! I can show my donation to Planned Parenthood and not get shot. The Magruders, it turns out, have been fixated a long time on their being McGregors. They deserve to be McGregors by generations of bravery, they do. But that damn DNA messes up tradition and wishful thinking. My great Magruder cousins are not McGregors. Well, at least they are cousin to someone who IS a McGregor. And a Renfrewshire Glenn, two different ways. And so much for my own high and mighty skepticism about family myths claiming kinship to the Gregor claim!

Whales were far out when I was down, and I tried but could not catch a "blow"

How we get supplies to the top floor now

Whale hunting while Heddy Whale watches

Running from level to level trying to photograph 2 or more whales

Never got a picture of a "blow" but Heddy went to the LR balcony with binoculars and saw them, going south. They were
amazingly close in, in the breakers, the darker water near shore.

Good to be a Pottenger and Bowie and Magruder but no one was his own grandpa

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Pottenger cousin, James Bowie

OK OK so I am proud of being a cousin of Jane Austen though I don't fool around with anything much that is not on this continent. But I am a Pottenger, as Rosalynn Carter is, and we are both proud of it. So I got to looking at the Magruder and Pottenger connections and today I realized I had better pay attention to the Bowie part of it. Well, there are a couple of Bowie and Pottenger connections and it looks as if I can claim James Bowie (rhymes with Gooey) as a cousin. So I have a Pottenger cousin who died at the Alamo and a Bell cousin who wrote a book about the Mier Captivity. And a BA from Lamar State College of Technology in Beaumont, Texas. And I just retired from Melville work on the 15th, when the NCE3 of MOBY-DICK arrived.
Cousin Jim Bowie. That is right up there with Cousin Paul Tibbetts. Both Maryland connections.

Early Saturday Morning--You never know what is under the sand

Do not dig here.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Horror on the beach--Gull eats crab alive while it is struggling for the first 3 bites

Tide so low that Rock is high

The work goes on

Orpha Lee, Everett, Wilburn -- 1933 or 1934

Some pictures of Andrew Costner (and his store in Duncan, OK)

The horseback picture is 1927.
Andrew was in the Navy until early 1945 then went to the store in Duncan right away.

HP 1953-Later many New Critical professors tried to do it for real

3 Costner in-laws--Hartsel Balentine, Inetta Trout, Lloyd Parker

Hershel Parker and Alison Marie Parker 8 August 1981

Alice Bell and Gene Costner --March 1944 in Duncan, Oklahoma

Some of the children of Alice Bell and Gene Costner

Henry Binder and Brian Higgins