Tuesday, November 30, 2021

You get too old to use nice things--except maybe on a holiday


Minneapolis--this morning's evidence of the Rage that Trump released.

 Why could the male brawlers not have just hurried to the men's room where the stalls have been widened to accommodate anyone with a wide stance? This is all the RAGE that Trump released by lying and lying.

Brawl breaks out between passengers at airport after flight lands

Saturday, November 27, 2021


 Well, I did not want to die a few days shy of 86, so that's a relief that it is after my birthday. At the Intersection I was nearly killed a few years ago coming back from the beach. Back then I waited at the light on San Jacinto until it turned green and started across only to have a southbound car go by at about 75 MPH. Here 65 is actually legal, between the 2 stop lights in town. Today I waited there after a trip to the beach again, but this time after the light turned green I LOOKED to my left. OK. 2 cars ahead of me, one going right through, the other signaling left and then turning left. I hung back a little to let him turn, but when I moved on across the assassin who had been waiting across the highway for the light to turn green, which it would have done a little after I got across, decided that he NEEDED to go South and ran the red light, making a left turn against the light, just in front of me. I was able to brake, but Good Lord why did he want to kill me? I intend to be 87 my next birthday, and it is a long time away. We are so very cautious, but after the great Jim Maguire dying in Pozo a few days ago my sacrifice is not needed. Very upsetting.

Friday, November 26, 2021

The Excitement of Discovery! In the last few days I have found remarkable documents about the MOUNTAIN MEADOWS MASSACRE

 How I wish Will Bagley had not died, as he did at the end of September. I could have brightened more than a couple of different days of his life. The more I find the longer my chapter will be, but the greater the need to narrow my focus. I can't tell the story of the massacre, which after all has been well told by Will and by Walker, Turley, and Leonard. But I can tell about the grief of the families.

It's not quite up there with finding the title THE ISLE OF THE CROSS. Then I could telephone Hayford and Sealts and go up to tell Jay Leyda. And now I can't run in White Clay Creek by the Arc Corner and on a stretch of the Mason-Dixon Line, but I can run oh so fast on the beach at Morro Bay. And when someone comes up behind and passes me I can say, "How can you do that? I am going as fast as I can."

LIES THAT LIVE ON: Richard Brodhead in the New York TIMES & Andrew Delbanco in the New Republic

         So many people are dying around me that I begin to worry about what people might say about me when I die. What if someone looked in the New York TIMES for a good quotation and found that Richard Brodhead said I simply made up POEMS (1860), something no one else had heard of. Well, Raymond Weaver did not know about it in 1921 but the next year Meade Minnigerode told us almost all that is now known about POEMS, which was quite real. Brodhead's ignorance (if it was not malice) goes uncorrected in the New York TIMES. Andrew Delbanco's critical biography 2005 mentions both THE ISLE OF THE CROSS (1853) and POEMS (1860) which he said in the NEW REPUBLIC that I had invented. Curiously, his uncorrected proofs did not mention that I had written a two-volume biography. How had he learned that I had not invented these two lost books and where did he rush to apologize?

        No, if there is an obit for me someone who knows only Brodhead and Delbanco may repeat the slander.

        I am working on the MOUNTAIN MEADOWS MASSACRE right now and thinking about the impossibility of killing a lie.