Monday, May 22, 2023


 Three mornings ago in the parking lot at the beach a man came up and asked me about how to get to the Rock. His wife stood near him, and I was slow to realize that she was causing me terrible pain in the eyes from her perfume. Once I realized, I dodged fast behind her so I could have her downwind, and got away, wetting fingers in my mouth to try to clean my eyes. Well, the left eye is still hurting and we have thrown out eye-drops after reading horror stories about their dangers. People don't realize that perfume can be a dangerous weapon. Maybe some people do.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Limpets? 10 or 12 years a storm washed up a big tree trunk covered with this thing in BLUE

 The tree was covered almost totally. What you saw were hard blue things the size of a fingernail.

These are not blue, and the ones I saw before were not conical as limpets are supposed to me.

Are these just flat limpets?

Well this looks bluer than I thought. There were two pieces each the size of a dog--less than 3 feet long.

The tree was 25-30 feet long, very irregular. The blue things fell off in a few days and children played on it for years then a storm lifted it up against the dunes and it stayed there for years--8?--Then this year's atmospheric rivers lifted in ONTO the dunes.

This is the first time I have seen this since--so probably limpets?

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Colleagues. Are they all dead now?

-Almost overnight, everything changed. Starting in the postwar years, anti-Semitism became intellectually unrespectable, thanks to its association with Nazism and the Holocaust, while the flood of new students entering the universities under the G.I. Bill meant that there was an urgent need for new faculty. Jewish professors, critics, and scholars were newly acceptable—Lionel Trilling studied Arnold at Columbia, and Harry Levin studied Joyce at Harvard. Leon Edel wrote the biography of Henry James, and Hershel Parker wrote the biography of Melville. Alfred Kazin recovered the history of the American novel in On Native Grounds, a title whose defiant claim could not be missed.