Friday, March 22, 2024

New Releases in Civil War History of the U.S.--Amazon 22 March 2024


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New Releases in Civil War History of the U.S.

An Okie's Racial Reckonings
An Okie's Racial Reckonings
Hershel Parker
Kindle Edition

Monday, March 18, 2024


 I am opening the book safely, putting it flat and pressing down 5 or 6 pages from the front and 5 or 6 pages from the back, over and over.

Friday, March 15, 2024

After the murder of George Floyd--How Hershel Parker selected from his great mass of documents


An Okie's Racial Reckonings Paperback – March 11, 2024

Hershel Parker, the textual scholar, sent his vast Melville archive to the Berkshire Athenaeum in 2020. An amateur genealogist, he had built another archive—by then more than ten thousand documents about his American family, starting with the 1600s. An Oklahoman, he wryly minimized the file as “Ornery People,” yet he had fallen in love with under-sheriffs, bakers, cordwainers, gunsmiths, militiamen, moonshiners, and their brave wives. At eighty-four, only weeks after escaping blindness, he could not write about all these “Ornery People.”
Then on 25 May 2020 George Floyd was killed. Parker at once began pulling out files in which whites, Indians, and Blacks play crucial roles. He would not write a family history or retell episodes in American history. Instead, he could bring some of his newly discovered kinfolks to life through historical events involving race relations. Whites drove Indians out of their lands before intermarrying with some of them. A white cousin conducted the wedding of two white sisters to the Asian Siamese Twins, who owned slaves. Whites massacred other whites (among them cousins of mine) and plundered their corpses then blamed the crime on Indians. Yankees falsely accused my Southern white cousins of horrific atrocities against Blacks. A star of the Freedmen’s Bureau told lies about a cousin which are still in history books. General Sherman did his best to erase Southern history and later to erase Indian languages and lives. An elegant politician cousin forced North Carolina to give amnesty to the KKK for all its crimes. Parker’s aged relatives did not know why they were not on the Choctaw Rolls, but his research stunned him with a grotesque answer. Most newly freed Black Costners stayed in Gaston County, N. C., but enterprising Moses tried sharecropping across from King’s Mountain, took his family to Texas long after Blacks were needed or wanted there, then sought safety just across the Red River. There in 1911 white racists drove terrified Blacks away by trainloads. During this flight, the spokesman Dovey Costner made a nationwide plea to be shipped to safety in Liberia. He stayed on by the Red River, renting, but keeping the family together. In Houston a policeman cousin pistol-whipped Black women and men, causing the Riot of 1917 for which dozens of Buffalo Soldiers were hanged or imprisoned.
The family stories and historical documents here will jolt readers. Slaughter of Indians! Jefferson’s treachery to Indians! White racist violence! Murder of slaves! Murder of masters! Voter suppression! Mocking of injured veterans! This truly is
An Okie’s Racial Reckonings.

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Contents of new book







1 “Goddamn Okies”: How “Okie” Became a Hate Term and

Who the Okies Really Were 29

2 Carolina Kinfolks and the War on the Cherokees,

1759–1783 37

3 Jefferson, Cocke, Indian Treaties, and the Sims Settlers 51

4 Erratic Obliviousness at Trap Hill, Wilkes County: The

Siamese Twins, the Roaring River Baptists, the Unionists,

and the Rebel Gestapo 73

5 The Mormon Massacre at Mountain Meadows, Part 1:

1850s Utah, a Military Theocracy 95

6 The Mormon Massacre at Mountain Meadows, Part 2:

Slaughtering a Wagon Train of Arkansawyers for Parley,

Brigham, and Jesus—But Holding Back a Few Orphans

for Ransom 115

7 The Wartime Adventures of Cousin Milton Sims

8 Whites, Indians, and Negroes: The Moral Trajectory

of an Innocent Texan, Jesse Wadlington Sparks 159

9 Captain J. H. Matthews: Star Witness for the Freedmen’s

Bureau, Whose Lies Became History 181

10 Cousin Fletcher Hill—Thwarted Hero and Promoter

of Veterans 191

11 Reconstruction Foes: Albion Tourgee vs.

Montford McGehee 217

12 Cousin Willy Sims Causes the Danville Massacre—

and Causes Jim Crow? 239

13 Wounded Knee: Sherman’s Shame and

Dick Costner’s Gallantry

14 A White Kentucky Martyr to White Racism 263

15 The Glenn-Tucker Lawsuit: The Jarndyce v. Jarndyce

of Indian Territory 275

16 Cousin Lee Sparks—The Mounted Policeman Who

Hastened the End of the Buffalo Soldiers: How One

Bad Cop Caused the “Largest Murder Trial in the

History of the United States” 295

17 Dovey Costner: Being Black in the Carolinas,

Texas, Indian Territory, and Oklahoma 305

Appendix: Family Stories and Documents 319